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How Ad Astra are adapting 

Ad Astra is in the process of creating a new virtual platform where our students can access all their educational needs online. This is something new that we are developing going forward due to the recent government news due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


This means all our students can access their English and Maths from their homes.


Within the virtual platform, each student will be provided with a login and access their own individual personalized package created by my team. 


We will also be making daily communications from our social media platforms to ensure our students don't feel too secluded from the practical and current AP provision we deliver. 


Stakeholders will be provided with evidence of these new operations on a schedule that suits them. 

Parents and carers will be contacted by the team regularly to answer any questions they may have and to talk to our dedicated education team.


We are doing all we can to assure our stakeholders that in these unprecedented times, Ad Astra is committed to providing quality provision by pioneering new systems and strategies.

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