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Our Pre 16 programme is aimed at KS3 and 4  students in North Yorkshire.

Our engagement programme supports families, schools and the child by creating a package to suit all those involved in a child's life.


By liaising with schools, we can create a package to suit by creating an environment that can

1. Build resistance

2. Improve self confidence

3. Promote positive mental health

4. Collaborative communication

Young people who struggle to integrate into mainstream society need these skills. They can find it difficult to learn in a busy environment if they lack confidence, have special educational needs, or have emotional and developmental trauma. It is possible for a child suffering from these anxiety issues in the classroom to display behavioural issues. Student misbehaviour will continue without addressing these integrated issues, resulting in the risk of permanent exclusion. Providing positive reinforcement and encouragement to students is the foundation of our philosophy. By providing them with new opportunities, we help them develop the personal, social, and emotional skills they need to reintegrate into mainstream society. 


Introduction to Mechanics

Practical, hands-on learning is available in our fully equipped modern workshop. We provide all necessary equipment and PPE.


 Students interested in an introduction to mechanics can enrol in our sessions. Students who complete the sessions will receive an AQA Unit Scheme Award.


As part of successful post-16 placements, students can gain experience at a local car garage, which can lead to paid employment or an apprenticeship.

Many young people have not learnt sufficient outdoor water safety. With our beautiful City of York being a popular place to visit because of the River Ouse, young people must understand the dangers of open water.

Our watersports sessions include practical lessons in paddleboarding, canoeing, kayaking and wild swimming, with trained professionals and lifeguards. We can also provide swimming lessons for those students who may not feel confident enough to swim.

We provide our equipment and can provide swimsuits if necessary.

SUP Yoga Couple at Lake

Watersports and Water Safety

Outdoor Amusement

Outdoor Pursuits

Outdoor pursuits, whether it is hiking, orienteering, rock climbing or walking come with many physical benefits, and it also provides the opportunity for children to develop socially. Teamwork and imagination are necessary for outdoor play, which allows children to experience positive interactions with their peers. The advantages of team work outdoors include

1. Improved social interation

2. Build resiliance

3. Fosters independance

4.Sparks interest in new hobbies

5. Aids positive mental health

We provide all equipment for these sessions including outerwear if any students cannot provide it themselves

  As soon as our students climb up a 50-foot wall, they feel more confident and self-assured. In particular, when students are afraid of heights, fighting their fears will provide the skills they need to overcome mental and physical struggles throughout their lives. 
We find our climbing sessions boost self confidence and tenaciousness.
We can provide 2-6 week climbing sessions, providing transport to and from, lunch and instruction.
Woman Climber


Feeding Guinea Pig

Small Animal Care and Welfare

It is believed that animals can be used to aid the behaviour and learning capabilities of children. Our small animal care sessions encourage our students to be introduced to small reptiles and animals and what is included when caring for them. These sessions are an introduction for those seeking more experience in working with animals with potential career options going forward.
As emotional support, our animals become excellent companions, providing young children with support in trauma and improving emotional well-being.
From 2022, we have opened our own small animal care centre, provide AQA units in

1. Grooming
2. Feeding and Nutrition
3. Animal Husbandry
From football to tennis, badminton to a gym membership, our pre 16 health and fitness sessions improve our young people's confidence and wellbeing. Small groups can choose their activity and session plan with a mentor to gain further resiliance, team building skills and assist with their own health and wellbeing. With our partners, stakeholders and local community, we can provide the best health and fitness sessions for our young people, broadening their horizons to different and interesting activities they may never have dreamt of being a part of.
Shuttlecock and Badminton Racket

Sports, Health and Fitness


Educational Visits

Cultural immersions and educational tours have been proven to be invaluable for students' development and understanding. Students gain a better understanding of the topics they study at school by visiting important historical landmarks and museums, reinforcing classroom material, which can create a more positive bond between students and their teachers. Being able to visualise and experience the environments they are learning about helps those students who 'learn by doing'.

We are lucky enough to live in a city with rich history and heritage, but as locals, we can take our city for granted. This is why Ad Astra think it is important that our young people learn about York and its surrounding areas. 
From air museums, to learning about Vikings, we provide all transport, educational equipment and refreshments for all our educational visits. Some of the attractions we will be visiting over the next academic year will be 
1. Yorkshire Air Museum
2. The Shambles
3. York Minster
4. Jorvic Centre
5. Castle Museum
6. York City Walls
7. York Dungeons
8. Railway Museum

Our visits are also used for 'Reward Days' of which our students can have a choice of where they would like to go at the end of a term.
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