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On the 5th December, in the early hours, our base, our students provision and our workplace fell victim to a major fire, we lost everything. The community around us has been phenomenal, and we are very thankful to everyone who has donated so far. Please support our 'come back' by clicking below 

We are open and accepting referrals


What makes ad astra different

We've established a distinctive learning environment designed to cater to the unique needs of even the most disengaged young individuals. Our comprehensive courses include high-quality land-based activities, health and fitness programs, mechanics, and construction. In addition, we provide a robust educational package covering subjects such as Maths, English, and PSHE, equipping young people with the essential tools for a successful future. Our approach involves inspiring them in an alternative setting that encourages boundless imagination and fosters the growth of their aspirations.

Beyond engaging educational activities, we prioritize personal and social development sessions to instill vital life skills in our young participants. These sessions cover topics such as relationships, safety regarding drugs and alcohol, social media safety, first aid, and more. Our education staff and mentors undergo rigorous training to meet high standards, and our Senior Leadership Team is now fully equipped with developmental trauma training.

Contact us

Contact our team directly by calling 07873225426 or email



Our senior team member will send you a full point referral, this is the full application to apply for a placement at Ad Astra.


We invite the student, parents/carers and a school rep to attend a visit to our provision to ensure the student feels comfortable and receives direct information from our team.


Once all steps have completed, it is time to start your student's new journey to success

Start your referral today

If you really want to change the world you have to inspire young people. That is how you change the world.

What sort of children are given a place at Ad Astra?


Children and young people who attend Ad Astra may experience significant difficulties regulating their emotions and behaviours in response to life challenges, change, and relationships with both peers and/or adults. Their abilities to respond to educational opportunities and learn effectively are often impaired. Students are placed in our Alternative Provision by direct school referral or  through the local authority (LA) Education,  Health and Care Plan process if parents and the local authority agree this is in the child’s best interest. A significant number of our students on roll have an EHC plan and students’ targets are linked to the outcomes of the EHC plan.

How Ad Astra measureS the progress of individuals 

Progress for all students is tracked following data collection each Half term.

Further assessment and interventions as and when appropriate.

Progress and targets for all students will be shared with individuals and parents at each review and sent home termly

Assessment for Learning strategy used throughout the academy

SENCO, to review attainment and progress data to identify students who may need intervention to address a particular or specific area of need.

EHCP Review process

Student centred planning including written and verbal feedback

Student and parent voice

Meeting the needs of all students.

There is an ethos of continued professional development embedded in our setting to ensure that all staff members are trained and informed of new developments in education and in particular developments in the teaching of students with a broad spectrum of Special Educational Needs.

A wide variety of strategies are used to provide support for students across our alternative curriculum. The following interventions and methods currently exist:

  • Differentiation of tasks, resources and outcomes

  • Individualised support sessions for English, Maths

  • Life skills/PSE social skills/behaviour sessions

  • Use of IT facilities to support preferred learning styles.

  • Access Arrangements for students with specific needs for internal and external assessments

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